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Welcome to 360 Essex. We are an Essex based company that specialises in the capture and creation of 360 media and VR content. We provide our services to both businesses and private clients.

Our primary services include 3D property scanning, 3D virtual tours and 8K 360 video capture. We use the latest technology and photographic equipment equipment to ensure that our services deliver the highest possible level of quality for our clients.

Our professional 8K 360 camera rig allows us to capture a wide range of enviroments and subjects. This includes the ability to shoot 360 scenes with moving objects, such as a show or live event, which are typically avoided by most 360 photographers. Our finished 360 images and video are presented in a 360 Album, 2D Virtual Tour or 3D Virtual Tour format depending upon your requirements.

Although our work is based primarily in Essex, we are always happy to travel for special projects. Please take a look through our website for more information and some live examples to get a better idea of the services we provide. If you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact us by email or telephone.

Scene With Movement

Tour Features

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Walkthrough Experience

Fluid, natural movement throughout the virtual tour.

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Advanced 3D Enviroment

Accurate layout modelling for a realistic experience.

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High Resolution Textures

3x "in tour" zoom gives an incredible level of detail.

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3D Model And Floorplans

A great visual aid to understanding the layout.

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Highlight Features With POI

Points of interest can be highlighted within the virtual tour.

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Tablet & Smart Phone Compatible

Virtual tours work with modern tablets & smart phones.

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VR Ready

3D virtual tours work with google cardboard and GearVR.*

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Easy Listing Integration

Easily add your virtual tour to websites and property listings.

* VR capability is subject to a small additional charge.

Quality Matters

We shoot all of our virtual tours in HDR. Shooting in HDR captures far more detail, especially in very dark or bright areas.
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