360 Video Capture

We are able to capture live events in 8K 360 video and also have the option to film scenes in stereoscopic 3D for VR applications. The above example is scaled down in size for streaming and does not represent the high quality of our actual videos.

360 video is very challenging format due to the huge amount of data involved in recording and editing multiple video streams at once. 8K is the maximum resolution that is currently possible with todays technology. The issue with 8K footage is that, at present, only the very fastest computers will play it smoothly.

By shooting in 8K with a professional camera rig, we capture your video in the highest quality possible. You may not own a super fast computer, however we supply downsized versions for playing on any modern computer, tablet or smartphone. As technology advances and gets ever cheaper, you will be able to view your 8K videos in their full resolution.

If you have a video project that you would like to discuss with us, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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